At Kribs Chiropractic & Wellness we believe that each individual requires solutions that are unique to them – bioindividual! To offer a comprehensive approach to health care, we utilize many different methods from chiropractic to nutrition services. Our approach to chiropractic care is centered in orthospinology (using top cervical bones in the neck to reposition the head on the body), muscle response testing, as well as applied kinesiology.  We’ll be happy to advise and support you on your individual wellness goals towards health and wellness.  In addition to our holistic chiropractic services, we also provide.

A system of diagnosis and treatment based on the concept that the nervous system coordinates all the body’s functions and that disease results from a lack of normal nerve function.

Price varies by insurance coverage.

Areas of strengths and challenges are identified using the body’s neurological reflexes and
acupressure points. Organs and system in need will be supplemented with appropriate
nutritional support. We incorporate many Optimal health Systems supplements in the
evaluation and have them available for purchase.

$40 Initial evaluations

Optimal Health Systems is the supplement line we have thoroughly researched and trust. These whole food supplements utilize a predigested delivery system that efficiently provides nutrients at the cellular level. Daily life, inflammation, or sickness can create nutritional deficiencies and
their patented products and formulas help to restore us!

Please visit their website

The Ionic Detox Foot Bath helps the body detox through the healing power of ions. Ions cleanse the body in a safe, relaxing, process, with no harmful side effects.

$30 per session

BEMER applications boost the blood flow, thus benefiting the body’s cardiac system, regenerative abilities, and even mental acuity.

Read more about the BEMER we use and the company that produces it at

$15 per session

Infrared Sauna is an effective tool for natural healing and prevention. Infrared light penetrates human tissue which produces a host of anti-aging health benefits and detoxifying processes.

Read more about the Infrared Sauna we use and the company that produces it at

$20 per session

Cold laser therapy delivers light energy units called photons to the cells. This biochemical increase in cell energy transforms live cells from a state of illness to a stable, healthy state.

Read more about the Cold Laser we use and the company that produces it at

$20 per session

Soft tissues in our body include muscles, tendons, cartilage, and connective tissue. A unique combination of stretching, strengthening, and percussion work to help improve functional movement and overall physical health.

$10/10 minute session

Sabrina Adleman is the owner of Unearth Your Balance and works out of Kribs Chiropractic & Wellness.  She is a a certified reflexologist, certified aromatherapist, and offers yoga classes and private sessions. Sabrina offers a holistic approach with reflexology, aromatherapy, and yoga teachings that consider the entire body, including the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. She draws from traditional training in yoga, reflexology, and aromatherapy, as well as from her own experiences.

Reflexology stimulates nerve endings below the tissue and, helps to balance the body, increase blood flow, and reduce stress.

$65 per 60 minute session

Using essential oils to support the balance and health of the body, mind, and spirit. Custom blends can be made to relieve anxiety, boost energy, support healing, reduce headaches, support sleep, and morale.

Price varies.

Yoga classes are currently offered at Kribs Chiropractic & Wellness on a virtual basis. Classes occur on Mondays and Thursdays. Go to the website for more information!

More information coming soon!

The body can store emotional energies within specific organs. Using the body’s neurological
reflexes and acupressure points, we identify these emotions. The emotional pattern is challenged and broken up to help the body better process the emotions.

Priced based per case.

Identifying problematic or potentially allergic substances can be done with muscle response
testing, A desensitization process is then done to reduce the reaction of the body to these substances.

$35 per session

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