About Us

Chiropractor East Lansing MI

Kribs Chiropractic & Wellness is a natural & holistic healthcare center, focused on empowering people to reach optimal health & well-being. We are dedicated to all individuals interested in pursuing a healthy and active lifestyle. We offer an array of natural services including gentle spinal adjustments, nutritional and supplement support, stress management, allergy desensitization, detoxification therapies, functional movement supports, and reflexology, aromatherapy, yoga and much more.

A Family History In the Advancement of Chiropractic Care

Kribs Chiropractic & Wellness has a long family history in Chiropractic care, beginning in the 1930s. Scott Kribs is a fourth-generation chiropractor in a long line of practitioners. His father, grandparents and great grandparents have assumed the role of chiropractic practitioner and educator to many in the greater Lansing area. In 1967, Scott’s father took over the family practice and successfully assisted many patients out of the Lansing office until his passing in 1999 when Scott assumed the role as owner.

In a family with a rich tradition in chiropractic care, one would assume that Scott fell into the practice by default. However, the story of Scott’s realization of his true calling came much differently. At age13, Scott and his siblings were outside playing on a sunny Sunday afternoon. As the children played, a vehicle pulled into the driveway, inside, a patient of his father’s sat in unbearable pain. Unable to move independently, the patient was carried inside as Scott looked on in both curiosity and sadness for the intense pain this person had to endure. Moments later, to Scott’s amazement, the patient emerged, happy and rejuvenated, but most importantly, walking out on their own accord. At that moment, Scott recognized the healing power chiropractic care can provide, and knew that it was his calling as well.

Since 1999, Scott has continued to adhere to practices perfected by family tradition, but has also been inspired to bring new technology and additional components to the business.  These components continue to teach and empower his patients on the journey to whole health. Mind, body, and spirit.